Vietnam Online Pharmacy Market Trends, Share, Growth Drivers, Demand, Challenges, Business Opportunities and Forecast Analysis Till 2030


Vietnam Online Pharmacy Market Trends, Share, Growth Drivers, Demand, Challenges, Business Opportunities and Forecast Analysis Till 2030: SPER Market Research

 Category : Nutraceuticals

 Published: Sep-2023
 Author: SPER Analyst

Vietnam E-Pharmacy Market is projected to be worth USD 0.43 billion by 2033 and is anticipated to surge at a CAGR of 10.66%.

The E-pharmacy market is a type of online platform in the healthcare industry that allows for the online sale and distribution of pharmaceutical products, medical equipment, and therapeutic items. It comprises the digitization of traditional pharmacy services, allowing customers to browse, purchase, and receive pharmaceutical supplies through internet channels.

Vietnam E-Pharmacy Market Driving Factors and Challenges

There are Several Major Factors Driving the Growth of Vietnam E-Pharmacy market. On the one hand, the country's rapidly growing internet and smartphone usage presents a huge market for online pharmaceutical services. E-pharmacies can offer convenience, accessibility, and a wide range of products to a population that regularly faces challenges to healthcare, particularly in rural areas. In addition, the Vietnamese government is gradually implementing digital health measures, which may create a favorable regulatory environment for e-pharmacy operations.

In this market, there are significant challenges to be overcome, nevertheless. Safety and regulatory compliance concerns should come first. The validity and quality of pharmaceutical products offered online must be guaranteed in order to uphold public safety and trust. The government must enact strong legislation if it hopes to successfully regulate the e-pharmacy industry. Additionally, Vietnam's healthcare system and logistics may be deficient in some locations, making it challenging to provide medications effectively. Finally, the e-pharmacy industry is expected to see increased rivalry, needing significant investments in technology, marketing, and customer service in order to get a footing in the market.

Impact of COVID-19 on Vietnam E-Pharmacy Market 
The COVID-19 pandemic increased demand for e-pharmacies in Vietnam. While restrictions and safety concerns persisted during the outbreak, consumers shifted to online platforms to buy medical supplies, medications, and healthcare products. Use of e-pharmacies has increased dramatically as a result of the growing demand for contactless services and home delivery. E-commerce and digitization in the healthcare industry grew dramatically during that time. The pandemic accelerated the use of e-pharmacy services among the Vietnamese populace, and it is likely that the trend continued even after the outbreak since customers realized the ease, accessibility, and security that online pharmacies offered.

Vietnam E-Pharmacy Market Key Players:
The market study provides market data by competitive landscape, revenue analysis, market segments and detailed analysis of key market players such as; FPT Long Chau Pharma Joint Stock Company, mClinica Vietnam, Med247, Medcare Services and Investment Co., Medigo Vietnam, Nhà thuốc Pharmacity, Phòng khám Đa khoa Cao Cấp Jio Health (Jio Health).

Vietnam E-Pharmacy Market Segmentation:

By Product Type: Based on the Product Type, Vietnam E-Pharmacy Market is segmented as; Prescription Medicines, Over-the-Counter Medicines.

By Therapy Area: Based on the Therapy Area, Vietnam E-Pharmacy Market is segmented as; Vitamins, Dermatology, Cold & Flu, Weight Loss, Others.

By Operating Platform: Based on the Operating Platform, Vietnam E-Pharmacy Market is segmented as; Websites, Apps.

By Region: This research also includes data for Northern region, Southern region, western region, Eastern region.

This study also encompasses various drivers and restraining factors of this market for the forecast period. Various growth opportunities are also discussed in the report.

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