Brazil Agriculture and Farm Machinery Market Share, Trends, Revenue, Scope, Growth Drivers, Challenges and Future Investment Opportunities Till 2032


Brazil Agriculture and Farm Machinery Market Share, Trends, Revenue, Scope, Growth Drivers, Challenges and Future Investment Opportunities Till 2032: SPER Market Research

 Category : Agriculture

 Published: Mar-2023
 Author: SPER Analyst

Brazil Agriculture Equipment Market is projected to be worth USD XX billion by 2032.

Brazil is a dual agricultural nation because its agricultural sector is composed of both large-scale commercial farmers and cooperatives and subsistence-based family farmers. The nation is self-sufficient in terms of agricultural products, and in the last ten years, it has evolved from being a major net importer to a global exporter of agricultural products. The southern half of the nation experiences higher rainfall, more fertile soil, and improved technological utilization, making it a highly productive region, particularly for cereals and oilseeds. The nation is currently in its recovery stage as a result of the recent decrease in sales brought on by a severe recession and drought, which had stifled productivity growth. 

By functioning as a growth accelerator for GDP contribution, the Brazil Agricultural Equipment Market is crucial to the country's entire economy. The market is currently in a recovery stage following a recession, with positive growth rates being seen. Almost all of the major foreign OEMs have operations in the nation, therefore local manufacture primarily satisfies domestic demand. Domestic manufacturers, importers, and distributors/dealers are the three main categories of businesses that operate in the market. Major firms have adopted business tactics to increase their market position in the nation, including new product launches, improved after-sales care, and increased usage of precision farming technologies. The market has been boosted by greater government subsidies for agricultural mechanization for small and rural producers, the rise of precision farming, an increase in planted area because of the rising demand for soybeans, and substantial marketing campaigns run by all participants.

In Brazil, the market for agricultural equipment is anticipated to have CAGR growth. A number of variables, such as population increase, rising energy demand, multifunctional machinery, changes in consumer behavior, and rising demand and pricing for agricultural products, are anticipated to contribute to the double-digit growth. Because it provides farmers greater efficiency and production, precision agricultural equipment is expected to develop at the fastest rate. The main catchment areas in Brazil are the country's cerrado and central and southern west regions.

Since commodity prices and farm income have fallen as a result of the COVID-19 issue, farmers have been forced to forgo investing in new machinery, which has resulted in lower market sales. The pandemic delayed the market because international supply networks were broken and industrial businesses were shut down in compliance with government regulations to stop the virus from spreading.

The COVID-19 pandemic also resulted in limits on worker mobility, a fall in farmer demand, and the closure of equipment manufacturing facilities, in addition to the disruptions in the industry's value chain from raw materials supply through manufacture, packaging, and distribution. Due to frequent lockdowns, the industry experienced acute labour shortages that had an impact on machinery production. As a result, during the early stages of the pandemic in previous years, problems in transportation and logistics had a negative impact on production and the market for agricultural equipment in terms of sales volumes.

Brazil Agriculture Equipment Market Key Players:
The market study provides market data by competitive landscape, revenue analysis, market segments and detailed analysis of key market players such as; Agrale, Art’s Manufacturing and Supply, Inc., BrazAgro, Case IH, Durham Geo Enterprises, Innovative Sensor Technology, John Deere, Kesoja, Kubota, Kuhn, Landini, MacDon Brazil, Mahindra, Massey Ferguson, Myron L Company, New Holland, NovaLynx Corporation, Sameato, Stara, Valtra, Yanmar.

Brazil Agriculture Equipment Market Segmentation:

By Product Type: Based on the Product Type, Brazil Agriculture Equipment Market is segmented as; Combine Harvesters, Planters & Seeders, Precision Farming Equipment, Sprayers, Tillage Equipment, Tractors, Others.

By Place of Production: Based on the Place of Production, Brazil Agriculture Equipment Market is segmented as; Domestic Manufacturing, Imports.

By Tractor Power Level: Based on the Tractor Power Level, Brazil Agriculture Equipment Market is segmented as; Low Level- Up to 130 HP, Medium Level-130 to 200 HP, High Level-200 HP to 500 HP.

By Region: In terms of sales volume, the South holds the largest market share, closely followed by the Midwest and the East. The highest level of mechanization and optimal conditions for agricultural production are found in the southern areas, particularly the cerrado region, which accounts for the region's significant market share. 

This study also encompasses various drivers and restraining factors of this market for the forecast period. Various growth opportunities are also discussed in the report. 

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