US Fruit and Vegetables Market Share, Growth Drivers, Revenue, Size, Scope, Emerging Trends and Business Opportunities Till 2033


US Fruit and Vegetables Market Share, Growth Drivers, Revenue, Size, Scope, Emerging Trends and Business Opportunities Till 2033: SPER Market Research

 Category : Food & Beverages

 Published: Jun-2024
 Author: SPER Analyst

United States Fruit and Vegetables Market is projected to be worth USD 147.78 billion by 2033 and is anticipated to surge at a CAGR of 4.38%.

Fruits and vegetables are vital components of a balanced diet due to their great nutritional value and variety of tastes. Fruits come in a spectrum of flavors, from the sweet juiciness of apples and oranges to the acidic berries and citrus fruits. Fruits are produced by flowering plants' reproductive organs and typically contain seeds. Their high content of essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants promotes overall well-being and helps ward off illness.

United States Fruit and Vegetables Market Driving Factors and Challenges

Drivers: The United States is expanding due to rising consumer health consciousness and the growing demand for nutrient-rich products. fruit and vegetable sector. Fresh and unusual fruits and vegetables, such avocado, mango, pomegranate, papaya, and sweet potatoes, are in high demand among consumers because of their high nutritional content, which includes antioxidants, potassium, and vitamins A, K, C, and E. Growing awareness of the advantages of natural and fresh products, as well as the rising incidence of chronic illnesses like type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure, are driving the market expansion.

Challenges: The US market for fruits and vegetables is confronted with a number of challenges, from shifting customer preferences to supply chain interruptions. One major obstacle is the growing strain on the supply chain, which is made worse by erratic weather patterns, a labor shortage, and problems with transportation. These elements may cause changes in pricing and availability that have an impact on both producers and consumers. Fruits and vegetables are perishable, which creates logistical difficulties because quality and freshness must be maintained through prompt harvesting, storage, and distribution.

Impact of COVID-19 on United States Fruit and Vegetables Market
The COVID-19 outbreak has had a significant impact on the US fruit and vegetable sector. The sector faced numerous challenges, such as a lack of workers, shifting consumer preferences, and disruptions in supply chains. During lockdowns and other times of restricted movement, the demand switched from fresh produce to processed and packaged goods, changing the dynamics of sales and pricing. Old distribution networks were further disrupted by the closing of restaurants, schools, and other food service establishments, forcing growers to adapt to new market realities. Demand increased for some product categories (frozen and canned fruits and vegetables, for example), but supply chain disruptions and unstable economic conditions led to a decrease in consumption of other product categories.

United States Fruit and Vegetables Market Key Players:
The market study provides market data by competitive landscape, revenue analysis, market segments and detailed analysis of key market players are; C.H. Robinson Worldwide, Inc., Chiquita Brands International, Inc., Dole Food Company, Inc., Fresh Del Monte Produce, Inc., Fresh Pro, General Mills Inc., Nestlé, Sunkist Growers, Inc., Sysco Corporation, Tanimura & Antle Fresh Foods, Inc., and others.

United States Fruit and Vegetables Market Segmentation:

By Product: Based on the Product, United States Fruit and Vegetables Market is segmented as; Fresh Fruits & Vegetables, Dried Fruits & Vegetables, Frozen Fruits & Vegetables.

By Distribution Channel: Based on the Distribution Channel, United States Fruit and Vegetables Market is segmented as; Supermarkets/Hypermarkets, Grocery Stores, Online, Others

By Region: This research also includes data for Eastern Region, Western Region, Southern Region, Northern Region.

This study also encompasses various drivers and restraining factors of this market for the forecast period. Various growth opportunities are also discussed in the report.

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