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Our clients rely on us for the range of our services to give them the intelligence they need to act decisively. SPER Market Research offers detailed market and competitive intelligence solutions by aiding its industry knowledge to provide accurate insights with a complete picture of the market and competition. Our Custom research is an exclusive and different research which is tailored and developed for our client’s specific needs because sometimes the information they are looking for is not available in the research publication. In this case just tell us what data you need and we will start working on it. Once a request is submitted, a member of our Custom Research team will process the information supplied and contact all appropriate research analysts. Once we have located an expert who will conduct the market research, the terms and conditions of the project will be discussed and agreed upon. 03 ways how custom research can benefit your business:

  • More Targeted Information: When you need information about a very specific market segment. When you need to know how does your company stack up against a key competitor? How can you improve on your existing customer loyalty? When you design your custom research it will focus on your specific company, not just companies similar to you.
  • Custom Research can answer deeper questions with more primary research, such as phone interviews with experts, suppliers and other players.
  • It is more expensive than syndicated reports. We take the clients budget into consideration and design it accordingly.

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